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KWK Resistors is a global market leader in resistor solutions with satisfied customers all over the world. High power resistors, Braking resistors, Thin Film, Wire wounds, Punched Grids, Metal Clad resistors - whatever the type of resistor solutions you are looking for, you will find them with us. Our solutions can cater to a broad spectrum of power requirements - from a fraction of a watt to hundreds of kilowatts and also one of the top most Resistive Load bank Manufacturers in the country.

KWK Resistors Products

Aluminum Housed Resistors

Braking Resistors

Wire Wound Resistors

Load Banks

Neutral Ground Resistors

Anti Condensation Heaters

KWK Resistors Products Process

  • 1. Requirement

    The engineering team engages extensively with the customer representatives to understand the customer requirement. 

  • 2. Design

    During the internal design process, the design inputs are evaluated through strict ISO standards to produce a comprehensive design output. 

  • 3. Validation

    The resistor design and integrated product solution is then validated thoroughly, to meet customer requirements.

  • 4. Manufacture

    KWK has developed a very flexible and efficient in house manufacturing facility. The process can be tuned to support low volumes or short lead times.

  • 5. Delivery

    KWK can arrange for the product to be shipped through its own forwarders or work with customer nominated forwarders.

KWK Resistors Products Applications

Automation & Drive

Automotive & Transit

Cranes and Elevators



KWK Resistors Products Target Markets

Russia, United States, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, UK, Braizil and more.