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Shenzhen Maoyuan Electronic Materials

Shenzhen Maoyuan Electronic Materials

high thermal conductivity silicone sheet
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Shenzhen Maoyuan Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional environmentally-friendly electronic thermal conductivity material production enterprise. 
The company has a group of experienced R&D experts and senior engineers who are determined to make progress, and always grasp the development trend of the products and market demand. As a company focusing on electronic thermal materials, Maoyuan is convinced that the only purpose of technological innovation is to improve the effect of materials. In addition, the company guarantees the service life of the products; for this reason, the company has carried out project cooperation with many universities in China such as Sun Yat-sen University and Guangdong University of Science and Technology, and provides customers with detailed and specific heat conduction solutions and comprehensive technical support. "Yuanyuan will be self-sufficient and pursue endless." Maoyuan Electronics will continue to forge ahead as always, to contribute to the beautiful cause of building a beautiful cause, and to forge ahead for the forging of China's thermal industry.

Shenzhen Maoyuan Electronic Materials Products

The company's electronic materials are high thermal conductivity silicone sheet, thermal double-sided adhesive, high thermal conductivity graphite sheet, thermal grease, thermal conductivity Silicone cloth / sheet, etc. Products have been tested by UL, SGS, ROHS third-party agencies, and in line with international environmental standards; 

Shenzhen Maoyuan Electronic Materials Products Applications

Our products are widely used in power, LCD / PDP TV, LED lighting, automotive electronics, notebook computers, medical equipment and other industries. 

Shenzhen Maoyuan Electronic Materials Products Target Markets

Russia, United States, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, UK, Braizil and more.